Alpha Power Devices, LLC

Alpha Power Devices, LLC is a Sales Engineering Representative and Stocking Distributor for Hitachi Electrolytic Capacitors and EACO Film Capacitors.

Hitachi AIC Capacitors

Hitachi AIC Japan is a world class manufacturer of high quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Hitachi's in-house development and manufacturing, including etching and forming of anode foil, is a major advantage. This ensures that Hitachi Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors have the highest quality, smallest size, lowest losses and a very low field failure rate (FIT rate).

EACO Film Capacitors

EACO Film Capacitors is firmly at the forefront of the metallized film capacitor industry. EACO's broad range of standard products coupled with its design facility for custom capacitors, provide high quality and fast delivery, at competitive prices. With the power industry's rapid development, EACO's continuous improvement of its technological development is a strong advantage for customers. EACO Products.